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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

我的上司有點不正常 "My boss is weird"

Game Overview

game introduction “My boss is weird” is a game that AVG chooses to play as the core. The game tells about a white man who is suspected to be a peeper for no reason, in order to prove his innocence. In the game, players will face a series of choices, some of which seem small, but lead to different results. *Multiple choice narrative experience: one main line and several plot lines enrich the player’s experience *Card selection interaction: while the game plot is advancing, the players need to make a choice through the cards. Every choice has an impact on your emotional…

TITLE: 我的上司有點不正常

DEVELOPER: ohiyosoft

PUBLISHER: ohiyosoft, BVRgames

RELEASE DATE: 3 Feb, 2021

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